“2020”: Hilaria Baldwin is lucky

“2020”: Hilaria Baldwin is lucky

Hilaria Baldwin can’t really complain about 2020. After all, she has only just given birth for the fifth time. But while jogging she has a painful mishap that doesn’t exactly make it easier for her to fulfill her mother’s duties.

Hilaria Baldwin is out of action for the next few weeks. Actor Alec Baldwin’s wife twisted her head unhappily while jogging. “I broke my ankle yesterday because, you know … 2020,” writes the 36-year-old on her Instagram page.

“I went jogging and a car sped towards me at a point where I couldn’t evade,” the mother of five describes the incident. “To get to safety, I jumped on the curb. When I jumped back down, I twisted my head and broke my ankle.”

The native Spaniard published a picture for her post that shows her lying in bed. She has draped her bandaged ankle on several pillows, her youngest offspring Eduardo is lying on her chest. He was only born in September.

A little reminder

“I’m frustrated and sad. But I am determined to think positively and get better as soon as possible,” said Baldwin confidently. It is difficult, however, she has to admit, “because I cannot carry my babies”.

She gives the person who caused her mishap and all the rascals a little reminder: “If you are on a country road, do not race and please slow down in the vicinity of joggers, cyclists and children. The few seconds that You are worth it. “

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have been married since 2012. The two have five children: Carmen (born 2013), Rafael (2015), Leonardo (2016), Romeo (2018) and Eduardo. Alec Baldwin also has daughter Ireland Baldwin from his first marriage to fellow actor Kim Basinger.

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