2020 US elections: Joe Biden’s plan for day one: “We have big plans”

2020 US elections: Joe Biden’s plan for day one: “We have big plans”

On January 20, Joe Biden will take over from Donald Trump. For this day he is planning a U-turn in US politics: on the climate, on migration, on coping with the pandemic.

The elected US President Joe Biden wants to reverse various political decisions made by Donald Trump on the first day of his term in office. “We have a lot to do for day one,” said Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain on NBC TV on Sunday. Among other things, it is planned to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, to protect young migrants in the USA and to take health care measures. Biden can initiate the steps after taking office on January 20th as presidential decrees.

Trump had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement. He also tried to abolish the program that protects migrants who came to the United States illegally as children with their parents from deportation.

Don’t do much Biden yet

Klain also emphasized that Biden is already preparing measures against the corona pandemic for his term of office and is consulting with scientists, among other things. His options for action are limited: “He is not the president.” There isn’t much Biden can do right now other than calling on President Trump’s administration and local authorities to act. “That will change on January 20th. But we are now in a crisis that is getting worse.”

Renowned US immunologist and corona expert Anthony Fauci said the Trump administration’s refusal to recognize Biden’s election victory also hampered future activities in the fight against the pandemic. The GSA agency is still not giving Biden’s transition team the green light to work with government agencies. For the ongoing work of the coronavirus working group in the White House, it would be better if you could already work with the Biden experts, Fauci said on the CNN news channel. Trump has not attended the working group’s meetings for months, said Fauci – but added that the President was being informed about it by Vice Mike Pence.

Corona situation is getting worse and worse

Meanwhile, the corona situation in the USA is getting worse. On Friday there was a high of 177,224 new infections within 24 hours, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU). 166,555 new infections were registered on Saturday – a decrease for the first time in several days. Meanwhile, Republican governors are increasingly taking stricter measures such as mask regulations – most recently in North Dakota and West Virginia.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to delve into conspiracy theories about his election defeat. At the weekend, Trump tweeted, among other things, about rumors that the software used for the vote count was susceptible to hacker attacks and that votes cast for him had been slammed by challenger Joe Biden. The authorities reject this, so far neither Trump nor his lawyers have been able to provide evidence of such allegations.

Trump on Twitter: “He won”

On Sunday it looked at times as if Trump had involuntarily admitted his defeat through a slip. “He won because the election was rigged,” he wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet from a TV host.

A little later he made it clear that not too much should be interpreted in this sentence. “He only won in the eyes of the fake news media. I’m not admitting anything!” Wrote Trump. “We will win!”

After all, twelve days after the election, it was the first time Trump used the words “he won” in reference to Joe Biden. A few hours earlier he had given his longtime lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani the command of the various lawsuits against the election results.

Are Trump’s doubts about his election victory?

On Friday, Donald Trump had for the first time publicly revealed doubts that he would stay in the White House. “This government is not going to lockdown,” he said at an appearance in the Rose Garden of the White House that was about corona vaccines. “Hopefully it will – whatever happens in the future, who knows which government it will be, I think that will show. But I can assure you, this government is not going to lockdown.”

According to calculations by the US media, the Democrat Biden has clearly won the presidential election. It therefore has at least 306 voters, 270 are necessary for victory. In his 2016 victory, Trump was also able to pull exactly 306 voters on his side and then talked about a “landslide” victory. In the US, the president is not elected directly, but by the electorate who follow the election results in their states.

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