4 mistakes that ruined the image of Meghan Markle

4 mistakes that ruined the image of Meghan Markle

The copying of Kate Middleton’s style ended in embarrassment.

4 mistakes that ruined the image of Meghan Markle

Meghan and Kate are the most popular members of the royal family. They are constantly being compared, especially after their publication. And if Kate is always dressed impeccably, although she prefers democratic clothes, then Megan has a lot of failures. Especially when she tries to copy Kate’s style.

For example, during a visit to New York, Meghan Markle chose an extremely unfortunate outfit, which is almost an exact copy of Kate’s image, but six months ago. These are beige trousers, blouse and coat.

4 mistakes that ruined the image of Meghan Markle

The outfit looked perfect on Kate, but Megan looked frankly bad in it. And all because she made 4 mistakes, which immediately ruined the image, explained the famous stylist Marina Morikova especially for the PopCornNews portal.

“In this exit, Meghan Markle has clearly lost the fashion battle. Absolutely irrelevant length of the coat, tight blouse in the chest, poorly fitting trousers. It seems that she was again given the things that she put on on the run. In addition, this color does not suit her at all. The color situation could be corrected by replacing the blouse with an expressive white one, or by wearing gold jewelry around the neck. From the whole image, I would leave only the boats. Here they are perfect! “

That is why, before copying someone’s image, you should think about how to do it correctly.

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