49-year-old Mark Wahlberg left fans in disbelief at night workout


The actor’s daily routine is very different from the daily routine of most.

The lifestyle of 49-year-old Mark Wahlberg surprises his fans. A couple of years ago, the actor said that he starts his day at 2:30 am and immediately goes to the gym to train. Mark recently recorded a video for fans during his late night workout.

The actor showed off the simulator that “took his training to the next level” and said he was looking forward to the resumption of work of the F45 gym network, of which he is an investor.

“F45 would sooner open in Los Angeles. In the meantime, it’s 2:30 am, and I’m doing my Power Plate pro7, ”said Mark. In the video, the actor appeared without a T-shirt, demonstrating his athletic form. Mark’s fans are amazed at his daily routine while admiring his results.

“Mark, I don’t hear what you say while you’re standing without a shirt.” you are a real inspirer! “,” God, for me this is simply unrealistic, “the subscribers comment on the actor’s post.

In 2018, Wahlberg spoke in detail to fans about his daily schedule. Here’s what it looks like: 2:30 – Get Up 2:45 – Prayer 3:15 – Breakfast 3: 40-5: 15 – Workout 5:30 – Post Workout Snack 6:00 – Shower 7:30 – Golf 8:00 – Snack 9:30 – cryo chamber 10:30 – snack 11:00 – time with family / meetings / work calls 13:00 – lunch 14:00 – meetings / work calls 15:00 – pick up children from school 15:30 – 16: 00 – second workout 17:00 – shower 17:30 – dinner / time with family 19:30 – lights out.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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