5 Russian comedies you shouldn’t watch


It’s no secret that a significant part of modern Russian films are, alas, low-quality pass-through tapes.

The hackneyed plots, replete with cliches, and soap operas are shown on all the main Russian TV channels, making the poor viewer sore on edge. Most of them fall into the category of disposable paintings. But there are those, from which it is better to categorically refrain from viewing.

Big rzhaka

Three provincial employees of a local TV channel, going crazy with boredom, decide to arrange a kind of reality show in their town, the task of the participants of which will be to find Kolchak’s gold. A funny idea, a whole galaxy of stars in the cast, which was joined by the participants of the sketch show “6 frames” … It would seem, what could go wrong? But literally everything went wrong. Boring plot, stupid unfunny humor, disgusting play of not bad, in general, actors, exhibited in the film as stupid, sorry, idiots. According to the viewers, you realize all the horror and the full depth of the fall of Russian cinema after watching this particular movie.

Hitler’s coat!

5 Russian comedies that are better not to watch - even if you really want to

And again there is a whole galaxy of celebrities, including such excellent artists as participants in the Gorodok TV show Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov, as well as actor Alexei Buldakov. And also Ksenia Sobchak, Anna Semenovich, Mikhail Galustyan, Timati…. Well, in general, it is understandable. Unfortunately, some of these celebrities do not have any acting skills at all. The insanity arranged by them with the filing of the director is a little brightened up only by quite nice scenery for the film. And on the latter, its pluses begin and end. There is no point in retelling the plot, because it is practically absent. It’s not just not worth the time spent, it is strongly recommended to refrain from viewing.

Rzhevsky against Napoleon

And in this “comedy” future President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Hollywood celebrity Jean-Claude Van Damme were noted for their appearance. But even the appearance of a venerable star did not save the film from failure. Indeed, along with them, such artists as the singer Potap, secular lionesses Ksenia Sobchak, Anfisa Chekhova and Anna Semenovich appeared in the film. All the same faces, since the film is a sequel to the above-described film “Hitler Kaput!” The plot, in fact, is clear from the title. The film turned out to be just a little better than its predecessor, but by no means enough to be called at least mediocre. Another screen orgy, released in another attempt to cut the dough on famous names.

LOUD: Episode One

Fortunately, he is the last one. Singers and socialites are absent, but Dmitry Nagiyev and Alexander Bashirov are present, which, however, does not save the situation. The plot is simple: three friends from the provinces come to conquer the capital as comedians. Their performance at a corporate party with the mafia makes such an impression on the main boss that he dies with laughter. Literally. And now friends are forced to flee from the mafia’s revenge. Unfunny comedy, brazenly plagiating part of the scenes in the films “Knockin ‘on Heaven” and “Dumb and Dumber”. In principle, even plagiarism can be good. But not in this case.

Grandmother of easy virtue

Compared to previous films, this film is not the very bottom. And his audience ratings are much higher. Nevertheless, he gets into our anti-rating because of his terribly banal plot. A man disguised as a woman in order to hide from the bad guys ends up in a kind of closed collective. It’s not old enough to be new, and this topic has already been grossed out in the west. A primitive comedy with an easily predictable ending for lovers of low-intellectual humor. The actors’ play does not catch on at all; Perhaps the only one who pleases the eye of the viewer in this booth is Vladimir Tolokonnikov, for whom, unfortunately, this role was the last. Well, as the final nail in the coffin lid for the “grandmother” was the appearance of Philip Kirkorov in the frame. But what about today without celebrities? Everyone wants to eat.

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