5 types of bangs that will make you look younger

5 types of bangs that will make you look younger

Bangs will be a great option for those who want to change the image, while avoiding drastic changes.

The bangs visually emphasize the eyes, make them livelier and brighter. It will also hide the emerging wrinkles on the forehead and help mask facial imperfections. There are a great many options for bangs, and almost all of them make their owners look younger. Consider options for bangs that will help you “lose” a couple, or even more years.

Straight bangs

The classic version with which everyone can feel like a fatal beauty. It can be cut shorter or longer – in this case, the bangs will help hide imperfect eyebrows. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Straight bangs are suitable for girls with a regular or elongated face, as well as correct facial features, otherwise it will only emphasize imbalances.

Who is not suitable: owners of curly hair, a round face, as well as faces with imperfections such as asymmetry of the eyes, a large nose or an overly heavy chin.

Which celebrities have tried straight bangs: supermodel Bella Hadid, singer Taylor Swift, wife of Justin Timberlake, actress Jessica Biel, singer Yulia Volkova, TV presenter Oksana Fedorova, actress Jessica Alba, singer Rihanna.

Layered bangs

Taking an example from the stars: 5 types of bangs that will make you look younger

Multi-layered, or, as it is also called, double bangs, will help hide the flaws in appearance, visually stretch the face and perfectly hide the wrinkles on the forehead. Suitable for owners of a round or square face, as well as girls with angular features. These bangs are a great choice for thin and thin hair. Multi-layered bangs can be styled on both long hair and short hair. Does not require long styling. Cutting options can be very diverse. Highlighting looks great on such a bang.

Who is not suitable: too thin or too fat women with curly hair.

Which celebrities have tried layered bangs: actress Halle Berry, actress Reese Witherspoon, singer Taylor Swift, actress Zendaya.

Torn bangs

Torn bangs can be long or short, thick or sparse, straight or oblique – it all depends on preferences and type of face. It suits almost everyone. Torn bangs are suitable for both long hair and short haircuts – with the latter, torn bangs look very stylish, especially oblique torn bangs. Visually hides round cheeks or a square face – in this case, the bangs should be long. It is not difficult to style, and in order for the bangs to look “like after a hairdressing salon”, when styling, it is recommended to apply foam or wax to the ends of the strands.

Who is not suitable: owners of curly hair.

Which celebrities have tried torn bangs: singer Jennifer Lopez, actress Mila Kunis, supermodel Gigi Hadid, singer Vera Brezhneva, actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Cara Delevingne.

Arched bangs

Taking an example from the stars: 5 types of bangs that will make you look younger

The bangs in a semicircle are suitable for almost everyone. This option will help smooth out protruding cheekbones, a heavy chin and large cheeks, as well as a disproportionate face. The bangs can be made with a high radius or a soft arch, long or short. Suitable for women of all ages. It is important to remember that arched bangs require styling, timely visits to the hairdresser, as well as well-groomed healthy hair, otherwise it will not look too neat.

Who is not suitable for: owners of thin, split ends or curly hair. Stylists also advise against arched bangs for short haircuts.

Which celebrities have tried arched bangs: singer Selena Gomez, actress Angelina Jolie, supermodel Heidi Klum, actress Nicole Richie, singer Jennifer Lopez, actress Sandra Bullock, actress Zooey Deschanel.

Long side bangs

Taking an example from the stars: 5 types of bangs that will make you look younger

This option has many advantages: the bangs are easy to style, masks flaws, and can be combined with any hair length. In addition, such bangs add sophistication and mystery to the face. Perfect for girls with large or too sharp facial features, visually hide overly pronounced cheekbones. On short hair, it can become the main focus of the image. Good for bob and pixie haircuts.

For whom it will not be suitable: owners of an overly elongated face.

Which celebrities have tried long side bangs: actress Reese Witherspoon, actress Kirsten Dunst, singer Rihanna, actress Tara Reed, actress Emma Stone, actress Cameron Diaz.

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