51-year-old Catherine Zeta Jones showed off in a bikini


The actress published the photo on her page on the social network and noted that the picture was taken last year.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns in some cities and countries, people are looking forward to Christmas and New Year. Show business stars were no exception. Celebrities publish photos and videos related to the long-awaited holidays on their pages in the social network.

So, the Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones showed the subscribers of her social network account a photo that was taken last year at Christmas.

The picture shows the 51-year-old actress in a black bikini swimsuit while vacationing in Bermuda. Next to the actress is Santa Claus in a traditional red suit and a white beard.

“Last year in Bermuda I was caught shamelessly kissing Santa Claus,” the star herself commented on the picture.

The actress added that she is very upset that this year Santa will not appear due to the pandemic, although she is ready to wait for him even in a mask.

Earlier, on her page on the social network, Catherine Zeta Jones told subscribers about how she was injured while decorating the house for Christmas.

“I was hanging up my Christmas decorations and a metal piece from a sculpture fell on my foot, which I don’t even like. It hurt, ”the actress wrote on her Instagram page.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Davidyan

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