7 best Russian TV series about doctors


From sitcoms to full-length drama series.

Serials about doctors and medicine are very popular with viewers, so a lot of them have been filmed abroad. In our country, having picked up fashion trends, more than a dozen TV series about heroes in white coats have also been filmed.

“Interns”, 2010-2016

Popular domestic sitcom, the plot of which echoes the American TV series “Clinic”. Andrei Bykov, the head of the therapeutic department of the hospital, gets young interns at his disposal. Bykov is a wonderful specialist and mentor, but his despotic character and inexhaustible sarcasm for novice doctors must somehow endure …

The plots for the series were taken from real medical practice.

“I’m flying”, 2008

Another series about medical students who got to practice in the surgical department of a hospital. Although the show is serious enough, there are plenty of good jokes too. The series “I’m flying” has become one of the last and one of the best works of the actor Vladislav Galkin.

Sklifosovsky, 2012

The series is about the working days of doctors, sometimes unremarkable, and sometimes almost heroic. The main storyline of the series was the relationship between a brilliant surgeon, but a difficult person, Oleg Bragin and his boss Larisa. To ensure that the actors reliably performed “medical manipulations”, consultants, real doctors from the N.I. Sklifosovsky.

And the role of the “body” was played by a specially made mannequin, on which about 80 “operations” were carried out.

“Emergency”, 2003

After the tragic death of his wife and son, the life of the famous metropolitan surgeon lost all meaning. Fleeing from memories, he moves to a provincial town, where he gets a job as an ambulance doctor. Every day he will get to know the members of his team better and better and will gradually become imbued with sincere sympathy for them. Together they will have to save people from death, calm lonely old women and even go to a sick cat.

“Pregnancy test”, 2014

The new head of the obstetric department, Natalia, surprises her colleagues not only with her professionalism, but also with her isolation and tough character. The fact is that a young woman is going through a personal drama: she changed her place of residence and work, deciding to break up with her married lover Yuri, tired of waiting for him to fulfill his promise to leave the family. And soon Natasha realizes that she is pregnant by her former lover.

She has to make a difficult decision: keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy.

“Drunken Firm”, 2016

Comedy mini-series about the work of an eminent doctor who helps wealthy people to cope with alcoholism only by a method known to him. An original series with elements of black humor.

“Good Hands”, 2014

The chief physician of the maternity hospital Olga Savelyeva, in addition to her main activity, oversees the Happy Childhood center, in which young mothers planning to abandon their baby are sent to give birth to Savelyeva’s maternity hospital. Olga finds such refuseniks “good hands”, that is, wealthy families who, for one reason or another, cannot have their own children. At the same time, grateful newly-made parents often thank the head physician with substantial sums. Olga is divorced, she has an 18-year-old son who entered a prestigious foreign university. Before leaving abroad, the guy throws a party at a country dacha, after which Olga learns that her son has been killed. Olga’s ex-husband, an investigator of the prosecutor’s office, investigating this case, learns that the death of the boy is connected with Olga’s activities.

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