70 percent of adults: Biden sets vaccination target for July 4th

70 percent of adults: Biden sets vaccination target for July 4th

70 percent of adults

Biden sets vaccination target for July 4th

For the summer, President Biden has promised the Americans a return to a certain normalcy: on the national holiday on July 4th, barbecues should be possible again. In order for this to work, almost 100 million additional vaccinations have to be injected over the next 60 days.

US President Joe Biden is pressing ahead with his country’s vaccination campaign: by the beginning of July, around 70 percent of all around 260 million adults in the country should have received at least the first corona vaccination. In order to put the pandemic in place, 160 million people should already be fully vaccinated by the national holiday on July 4th, as the White House announced.

So far, according to the CDC, 56 percent of adults have received at least one vaccination. 105 million people are considered fully vaccinated. A White House representative said that almost 100 million additional vaccinations would have to be given over the next 60 days to meet the new target. The government will instruct the pharmacies, among other things, to allow vaccinations in the future without prior appointment. Around 40,000 pharmacies in the US get their vaccine direct from the government.

Biden had promised the Americans at the beginning of his term in office that the massive vaccination campaign would allow some return to normality by July 4th. A White House representative said reaching the threshold of around 70 percent vaccinated adults will lead to a sharp drop in corona infections, hospital stays and deaths. Then some corona precautionary measures could also be withdrawn, he said. That is why as many people as possible must be vaccinated as soon as possible, stressed the government representative.

The government is also already making preparations to start vaccinating young people between the ages of 12 and 16, the representative said. The responsible authority FDA is expected to decide next week on the approval of the vaccine from the manufacturers Pfizer and Biontech for this age group. Should approval take place, 15,000 pharmacies would be ready to vaccinate young people. In addition, pediatricians would also be given vaccine, it said.

In order to achieve better use of vaccines in the country, the White House is also changing the formula for distributing the doses that has been used since the vaccination campaign began in mid-December. So far, all states have received vaccine shipments strictly proportional to the number of their inhabitants. In future, states that already have more supplies than demand will only be able to call up part of the doses to which they are entitled. The excess then goes back to the federal government and can be accessed by states that need more vaccine, the official said in a briefing for journalists.

State differences

At the height of the US vaccination campaign, more than three million people were being vaccinated every day. In the meantime, overall progress has slowed somewhat – depending on the state. Many states in the northeast have already inoculated almost all cans and have made great strides with continued high demand. In other states, such as southern Mississippi, the number of vaccinations has been falling for weeks. Only about a third of the population there has so far received at least one vaccination. In northeastern Massachusetts, on the other hand, nearly 60 percent received at least the first injection.

Biden has promised to have enough vaccine for all adults in the country by the end of May. In the USA, the vaccines from Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer are mainly used, each of which requires two syringes. In addition, the preparation from Johnson & Johnson is used, which unfolds its full effect after just one dose.

The US government has secured enough vaccine to supply the population of around 330 million people without additional drugs. Astrazeneca and Novavax vaccines are not yet approved in the United States.

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