83-year-old Jane Fonda shocked the audience with hard training

83-year-old Jane Fonda shocked the audience with hard training

Despite her advanced age, the actress is in excellent physical shape.

Jane Fonda made the audience gasp with a couple of shots of her home workouts. Fans couldn’t believe that an actress at her age was capable of doing this with a simulator!

Previously, Brie Larson and Michelle Pfeiffer also showed off their athletic training. The latter, by the way, turned 63 in April. Jane Fonda, on the other hand, managed to surpass her colleagues, showing that she was still capable of much.

So, in the frame, an aged actress, dressed in tight clothes, kneads her arms and body with the help of tension on special ropes. At the same time, all the muscles of the actress at this moment are tense to the limit, and Fonda herself stands like a rock.

As it turned out, Jane is training for a reason: the actress intends to take part in the Minnesota protests.

In the comments, there was no person left who was not impressed by the celebrity’s tirelessness.

“Repeat once and die”, “This woman is a national treasure”, “Jane, we urgently need a video!”, “Sexy and hot even at 83”, “You inspire! Simply amazing, ”both men and women admired her.

Photo source: Legion-media

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