a colleague on the TV series “Breaking Bad” poked Aaron Paul on the set

a colleague on the TV series “Breaking Bad” poked Aaron Paul on the set

Breaking Bad is loved by audiences all over the world.

Breaking Bad star Brian Cranston made an unexpected surprise for his partner, actor Aaron Paul, on the set of the project. Cranston told reporters about a funny, in his opinion, situation in a recent interview.

The last season of the acclaimed project ended in 2013, but viewers continue to love the series and its main characters. Many scenes from the show scattered into memes and became modern classics.

As in any other set, during the work on Breaking Bad, the actors had various incidents, but what Aaron Paul had to endure, not everyone would wish.

Cranston said that one day he came to the shooting with a gun. With Aaron, Brian agreed this: when he says the phrase “I need you to take care of this,” he immediately takes out a gun and puts it on the table.

Imagine the surprise of Aaron Paul when, after the spoken phrase, a toy from a sex shop appeared on the table.

Of course, all this is nothing more than men’s games. Brian and Paul became friends during the filming of the acclaimed series and still keep in touch.

“He is the most professional yet immature person I have ever met in my life. The best thing about him is his constant jokes in inappropriate places. He is also talented, “- quotes the words of Cranston CheatSheet.

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