A deadlock in bed ?: Halle Berry counters rumors


Who would like to have their supposed qualities discussed in public on the horizontal plane? Halle Berry has to endure exactly that. But the actress takes it with humor and delivers a powerful answer.

Hollywood star Halle Berry is widely regarded as a sex symbol. And not just since she rose from the tide in the orange bikini in the “James Bond” flick “Die Another Day”.

But is it all just a facade? Yeah, is the actress a total loss in bed? This very question was actually discussed publicly on a US talk show. “Cocktails with Queens” is the name of the format on the “Fox Soul” channel, which, among other things, gossip about the sex life of the stars.

As the US portal “Page Six” reports, this time the first question was whether singer Toni Braxton was a good lover. “Toni Braxton once had some good men,” said Claudia Jordan, one of the four presenters of the show.

“That’s what they say”

Her colleague LisaRaye McCoy replied: “We don’t know what it looks like in her bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry’s.” When Jordan asked if she saw a bad lover in Berry, McCoy replied, “That’s what you say, what I read and what I’ve heard.”

Halle Berry must have heard that. And she decided not to let the statement sit on her. In a tweet, the 54-year-old hit back in a humorous way. She turned to the presenter directly: “Ask my husband Van Hunt. He will tell you everything you need to know.”

Berry’s first orgasm

McCoy has not responded so far. Berry has been in a relationship with the musician Van Hunt for several months. In September, the two confirmed their love on Instagram.

Regardless of how it is actually about Berry’s qualities in the horizontal, one thing is certain: the actress is definitely not prudish. Just a week ago, she unpacked in an Instagram question and answer session about her first sexual experiences. “I remember my first orgasm and I made it myself,” Berry revealed. At that time she was only eleven years old. Maybe material for the next issue of “Cocktails with Queens”.

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