A few days before the election: Coronavirus hits the USA with new force

A few days before the election: Coronavirus hits the USA with new force

US President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has long been a central election issue. The challenger Biden is now getting new food: More Americans are infected every day than ever before. Hotspot regions are currently the North and the Midwest.

A week and a half before the US presidential election, the country has set a new record for new infections with the coronavirus. According to the “New York Times” count, 85,085 new cases of infection were recorded within 24 hours. Previously, in July, the US had already approached the mark of 80,000 recorded cases of infection per day.

The novel virus is currently spreading rapidly, especially in the north and midwest of the country. The total number of recorded cases of infection in the United States rose to more than 8.5 million, according to the newspaper.

The death toll in the country is therefore 223,948. Since the beginning of autumn, the number of daily deaths in the US has remained relatively constant between 700 and 800. In absolute numbers, the US is the country most affected by the pandemic in the world.

Dealing with the pandemic plays a central role in the election campaign. Almost at the same time as the new infection record was announced, President Donald Trump reaffirmed that the end of the crisis was in sight. “We will end this pandemic, this terrible plague, quickly,” said Trump during a campaign appearance in a retirement community in the state of Florida.

The president accused his challenger Joe Biden from the opposition Democrats of talking about nothing more than the coronavirus and thus “scaring” people. Meanwhile, in a speech in his home state of Delaware, Biden reiterated his allegation that Trump still had “no plan” for fighting the pandemic: “He has given up.” The president only wants the population to “become numb and submit to horror”.

In his second and last television duel with Trump the night before, Biden had warned of a “dark winter” and blamed Trump directly for the high number of corona deaths: “Anyone who is responsible for so many deaths should not be President of the United States States of America remain, “said the former vice president.

In polls for the November 3 election, Biden has been consistently ahead of Trump for months. However, four years ago, the Democrat Hillary Clinton was declared the clear election favorite before she surprisingly lost to the Republican.

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