A high voice became a trademark: “Police Academy” star Marion Ramsey is dead


High voice became a trademark
“Police Academy”-Star Marion Ramsey ist tot

The “Police Academy” feature film series thrilled a global audience in the 1980s. For the actress Marion Ramsey the role of the squeaky Laverne is the breakthrough. The actress has now died at the age of 73.

The American actress Marion Ramsey, best known for the action comedy series “Police Academy”, is dead. According to her speaking team, she died “suddenly” in her home in Los Angeles. The actress and singer was 73 years old. Her management has not yet given any further information on the cause of death.

In the 1970s she appeared with Bette Davis in the musical “Miss Moffat”. On Broadway in New York she appeared in “Grind” and “Hello, Dolly”, among others. She gained worldwide fame through the role of policewoman Laverne Hooks in “Police Academy”. There she was noticed by her high-pitched voice and was in front of the camera for six parts between 1984 and 1989. Appearances in episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “MacGyver” followed.

In 2015 she starred alongside Steve Guttenberg in the science fiction film “Lavalantula – Attack of the Fire Spiders”. Her last appearance as an actress was in “When I Sing” in 2018, a film about a woman who suddenly found herself in the music industry after a long disappointing music career.

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