“A lot of love put into it”: Will Smith publishes memoirs

“A lot of love put into it”: Will Smith publishes memoirs

“Put a lot of love into it”

Will Smith publishes memoirs

He is a musician, an actor, now he is among the authors: at the age of just 52, Will Smith published his memoirs. In it he looks back on his previous life and describes his development from “fearful child” to Hollywood star.

Hollywood star Will Smith plans to publish his memoir in November. “My very first book,” the actor wrote on Instagram. For two years he worked on this book and put a lot of love into it, says Smith in a video and proudly holds a copy of the book with the title “Will” in the camera.

According to an announcement on his website, the 52-year-old processes his transformation from a “fearful child” to a rap and Hollywood star. “Will” tell the story of a person who has got his feelings under control and can help others to imitate him. “These memoirs are the product of a profound journey of self-awareness, a reckoning with all that one’s will achieve and everything that it can leave behind,” the page says. As a co-author, Smith brought on board Mark Manson, the author of the Lebenshilfe guide “The subtle art of shitting it”.

Smith’s Hollywood career (“Independence Day”, “Ali”, “Men in Black”) began in the early 1990s with the comedy series “The Prince of Bel Air”. Smith has been married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith since 1997, and the couple have two children together.

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