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American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (American Broadcasting Company, ABC) is an American commercial television network that was established in 1943. ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group. The channel is one of the big three in the United States, and its programs have become an integral part of the country’s pop culture.

The company’s headquarters is located in Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York, [1] while programming offices are located in Burbank, California, along with offices of Walt Disney Studios.

The official name of the company is American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. appears on all contracts and agreements on copyright, etc., and the abbreviated public name is simply “ABC”

In early 2009, Disney-ABC Television Group merged with ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios into a new division of the ABC Entertainment Group, which was responsible for broadcast production. Disney-ABC Television Group should have reduced their staff by 5% during the reorganization.

The season 2009-2010 has become a season of contrasts for ABC. Wednesday night consisted entirely of new programs. Three out of five became successful: “It Happens Worse”, “The City of Predators” and the main hit “The Modern Family”. However, none of the new dramas of the season was successful, and the order for the second season was received only by the TV series “Visitors”, which a year later was still

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