Abel Sanchez: “The fight against Smith was just a sparring session for Canelo. Benavidez is a different fighter.”


Renowned trainer Abel Sanchez believes that David Benavides will be able to put up a worthy resistance to the WBA Super and WBC world champion middleweight champion Saul Alvarez.

“I always thought David was a talent waiting to be superstar. I believe Benavides has the tools, tenacity and imagination to counterattack Canelo in the right way and be able to outsmart him.

The last fight against Callum Smith was just a sparring session for Canelo. Smith didn’t try to do anything. David is a different fighter. In their battle, everything will depend on the opponent. Canelo will try to get closer. Benavidez will try to keep him at bay. I think David can box with Alvarez from a distance using a jab.

The question is whether Benavidez can hold him back for 12 rounds. And if he cannot, will he be able to counterattack Canelo? Alvarez also has fast hands. Canelo is very resourceful, he has a lot of cool tricks, “Abel Sanchez said in an interview with YouTube channel FightHype.com.

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