Accident in Washington: Pedestrian bridge crashes on the highway

Accident in Washington: Pedestrian bridge crashes on the highway

Accident in Washington

Pedestrian bridge crashes on highway

In Washington, a pedestrian bridge collapses on a freeway and a truck is half-buried in rubble. Miraculously, there are no dead.

Several people were injured when a pedestrian bridge collapsed over a freeway in the US capital Washington. Four injured people were taken to hospital on Wednesday, the rescue workers said on Twitter.

Nobody is buried under the rubble. Diesel leaked from a truck that was partially stuck under the collapsed bridge. At least one other vehicle was hit by rubble. The freeway – Interstate 295 – has been closed in both directions and is not expected to reopen until late Thursday evening.

Initially, no information was available about the cause of the collapse. Under the Fire Department Twitter entry users note that there have been complaints about the condition of the bridge for years. US President Biden is currently campaigning in the US Congress for a massive financing package to modernize the often ailing infrastructure in the United States.

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