“Act of Terrorism”: This is how celebrities react to rioting in the USA


“Act of terrorism”
This is how celebrities react to rioting in the USA

The pictures of the storming of the Capitol by supporters of still-US President Trump cause horror worldwide. Even among the celebrities. Only a few use the situation to serve up the next conspiracy lie.

The images of Capitol Hill in Washington are reminiscent of a coup. And not in any banana republic, but in one of the oldest, largest and most important democracies in the world.

The horror over the events in the USA is correspondingly great. Numerous celebrities who cannot and do not want to remain silent also express their shock and outrage in social networks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ex-governor of California, intimate enemy of still-US President Donald Trump and internal party critic of the outgoing Republican expressed himself on Twitter.

Among other things, he retweeted a statement from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, which he had made in May 2016 before Trump was elected president: “If we nominate Trump, we will be destroyed … and we will deserve it.” Schwarzenegger now commented on the saying with the words: “You were so right, Lindsey.”

Actress Alyssa Milano, known from series such as “Who’s the boss here?”, “Charmed” or “Melrose Place”, also spoke up on Twitter many times. “This is an attempt at a coup to keep a reality TV star in power,” she scoffed in a tweet.

In another message, Milano recalled a tweet that Trump had dropped less than six months ago in view of the protests against racism and police violence in Portland. In this, the president threatened “anarchists, agitators and demonstrators” who attacked courthouses or other federal buildings with draconian sentences: “At least ten years in prison.”

Acting colleague Mira Sorvino, who received an Oscar in 1995 for her role in “Beloved Aphrodite”, lit a firework of horror on Twitter. “Trump has now completely mutated into a mad king and must be deposed,” she demanded.

In another tweet, Sorvino became even clearer. “Trump is such an ass face,” she wrote. And further: “He sends a love letter to armed, seditious terrorists. What a dangerous, narcissistic lunatic.”

It is hardly surprising that filmmaker Michael Moore is also involved in the discussion about the riots in Washington. In one of his tweets, he clearly demands that the events should not remain without consequences. “Each and every one of these terrorists must be found, arrested and brought to justice. No exceptions. No mercy. If these processes have no consequences, we will have to live with this terrorism for years and decades,” said Moore.

“Avengers” actor Mark Ruffalo also urges consequences. He joined the call for an immediate dismissal of the US president, which has since been raised under the hashtag “Impeach Trump Now”. At the same time he was deeply affected: “The reality and shame of this country. Now we can all see it. Today has shown who the real enemies of this nation are.”

Meanwhile, “Borat” actor Sacha Baron Cohen shot himself in his criticism on Facebook and Twitter. These have temporarily blocked Trump’s accounts on the networks. The comedian thinks that this is not enough: “Trump instigated an act of national terrorism against America. Facebook and Twitter have permanently banned other extremists. They have to ban Trump permanently. Now!”

Pop singer Selena Gomez also attacked social networks in a tweet. “What happens today comes out when you allow people with hatred in their hearts to use platforms that should be used to bring people together,” commented the 28-year-old. Portals like Facebook and Twitter, but also people like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg personally, “let the American people down” and should now take responsibility.

Meanwhile, pop singer Pink made air of her anger over the events on Twitter. “As a US citizen, daughter of two veterans and sister of another, I am ashamed of what is happening in Washington. Hypocrisy, shame, shame,” she burst out. This is a sad day for America.

Pink also brought up the idea of ​​what would have happened if the riots had been caused by protesters from the “Black Lives Matter” movement. This is a question that worries many other celebrities, including singer Demi Lovato.

But as great as the outcry of many celebrities may be, there are also a few for whom even the current events do not open their eyes. Who for example? Well, Michael Wendler. Only shortly after his unspeakable comparison of the concentration camps with the federal government’s corona measures, he made an Instagram story about the events in Washington. Here he posted a photo of a mass demonstration dug up from somewhere in the archive and wrote that at least two million people were demonstrating in Washington for Trump and against election fraud. Another proof that he has apparently finally gone mad.

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