Activist Joshua Wong sentenced to additional prison term

Activist Joshua Wong sentenced to additional prison term

Joshua Wong is considered the “face of the democracy movement in Hong Kong”. He has been in prison for a long time, but his term is being extended by new sentences. This is met with heavy criticism.

Imprisoned Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to an additional ten months’ imprisonment. The 24-year-old was punished with three district councilors on Thursday for participating in an unauthorized demonstration on the anniversary of the bloody suppression of the democracy movement in China on June 4, 1989, according to Hong Kong media. The three co-defendants received four to six months’ imprisonment. All four had pleaded guilty. Wong is considered the “face of the democracy movement” in Hong Kong.

Because of the pandemic, the annual candle worship was banned for the first time last year. Nevertheless, around 20,000 participants gathered. The judge said the four defendants “openly defied the law” but were smart enough to plead guilty. That alone brought them mitigating circumstances, quoted the “South China Morning Post”.

The judge said the risk was great during the demonstration. As a result of the troubled times, emotions could have run high and incited troublemakers to violence. It is necessary to use the punishment to deter others from committing similar offenses, the broadcaster RTHK also quoted him.

The sentence was supposed to end in November

The judgment met with criticism in Germany as well as internationally. “I am very worried that Beijing will keep finding new allegations and that the Beijing judiciary will keep making new judgments in order to have Joshua Wong disappear behind bars for a very long time,” said Gyde Jensen (FDP), chairwoman of the Bundestag human rights committee. That is the typical approach of autocrats and dictators. “China is playing for time and hopes that sooner or later we will forget all the political prisoners in Hong Kong.”

Wong is currently in custody for his role in other 2019 protests. He would actually have been released in November. The district councilors are Lester Shum, 27, Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai (27) and Jannelle Rosalynne Leung (26). You are also in custody on charges of violating the new security law. They were refused bail release.

Principle: “One country, two systems”

The security law passed after the demonstrations for more democracy in the Chinese Special Administrative Region in July 2020 is directed against activities that Beijing considers subversive, separatist, terrorist or conspiratorial.

The former British crown colony has belonged to China again since July 1, 1997, but is governed independently according to the principle of “one country, two systems”. This agreement actually provides that Hong Kongers will enjoy “a high degree of autonomy” and many freedoms for 50 years until 2047. Since the Security Act was passed, many have only talked about “one country, one system”.

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