Afghanistan asks Germany to stop deportation

Afghanistan asks Germany to stop deportation

The international troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan, the Taliban are gaining more and more the upper hand. Now the government in Kabul is asking Germany to suspend deportations for the time being.

In view of the advance of the radical Islamic Taliban, Afghanistan has asked the German government to suspend the deportation of compatriots from Germany. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin said on Monday that the Afghan government had asked Germany to refrain from repatriation in the next three months.

The request had been received, “and we are now checking it,” said the spokesman. Talks are now being held with the European partners and also with the Afghan government. The federal government is aiming for a result “promptly”.

Peace talks are making slow progress

After the withdrawal of international troops, including the Bundeswehr, from Afghanistan, the country’s future is uncertain. The Taliban have been on the rise for months. Meanwhile, peace talks are ongoing in Qatar, but according to official figures, these are making slow progress.

In Germany there is no deportation stop for rejected asylum seekers from Afghanistan. Instead, a decision on deportation is made on a case-by-case basis. The situation reports from the Federal Foreign Office form the basis for this procedure. A ministry spokeswoman said the situation was being closely monitored. A new report for Afghanistan will be finalized later this month.

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