After a gruesome act in 2004: murderess Montgomery executed


After a gruesome act in 2004
Murderess Montgomery executed

After days of legal tug-of-war it has now happened: For the first time since the 1950s, a death sentence is being carried out against a woman at the federal level in the USA. Lisa Montgomery’s lawyers had previously sent a pardon to President Trump. The head of state ignored it.

In the United States, for the first time in nearly 70 years, a woman has been executed by federal justice. Lisa Montgomery’s death sentence was carried out today in the Terre Haute correctional facility in Indiana, the US Department of Justice said. The Supreme Court had recently cleared the way for the execution.

The 52-year-old was sentenced to death for the gruesome murder of a pregnant woman. A court in the state of Indiana suspended the execution of the sentence on Monday because of doubts about Montgomery’s state of mind. However, an appeals court overturned the decision a day later. The Supreme Court in Washington finally agreed with the authorities.

It was the first federal execution of a woman since 1953. Montgomery had strangled a heavily pregnant woman in 2004 and then cut the baby out of her belly. One day after the crime, she was arrested at her home in Skidmore, Missouri, around 250 kilometers from the scene. She had the kidnapped baby who survived the gruesome act with her. Before she confessed, she told the police and her husband that she gave birth to the girl herself.

Montgomery was sentenced to death in 2007. The US Department of Justice ruled last year in her case, as well as twelve other death row inmates in federal prisons, that the executions should be carried out. Previously, executions by federal justice had been suspended for 17 years. The outgoing US President Donald Trump is a proponent of the death penalty. He ignored a pardon from Montgomery’s lawyers.

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