After a RV exploded: Nashville investigators found a lead


After a motorhome exploded
Nashville investigators have a lead

The US Federal Police are waiting for the result of a DNA comparison. According to information from the broadcaster CNN, a 63-year-old could have been in the exploded mobile home in Nashville. Officially, the man is not listed as a suspect.

Three days after a massive RV explosion in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, authorities have identified a possible suspect. He is a 63-year-old from the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville. This person was “of interest” for the investigation, said police chief John Drake.

According to information from CNN, the authorities assume that they have found the 63-year-old’s remains at the scene. On Saturday, investigators started to search his house. According to CNN, the FBI, which has taken over the investigation, is waiting for the result of a DNA comparison of samples from the house and the crime scene.

In the center of Nashville, a mobile home exploded early Friday morning, from which loudspeaker announcements had been made to evacuate. Because of the warnings, the area could be evacuated in time, three people were slightly injured. The force of the explosion was enormous and dozens of houses were badly damaged.

The 63-year-old has already been reported extensively in the US media. According to the Washington Post, several neighbors said the man had a motor home like the one that exploded in Nashville. The vehicle had been standing in the courtyard of the house in Antioch for months. The assumption that he blew himself up is currently one of the theories being pursued by investigators, the newspaper said. Officially, he is so far only considered a “person of interest”, not a suspect.

Geek and loner

Some neighbors described the man as a loner. “You never saw anyone come or go,” one of them told The Tennessean newspaper. The man himself never went anywhere either. “As far as we know, he was a computer freak who worked at home.” According to the local newspaper, the 63-year-old had an alarm system company in the 1990s.

According to the Washington Post and CNN, the 63-year-old signed over his house to a Los Angeles woman in November. On the phone, she told the newspaper that the FBI had banned her from talking about it.

FBI chief investigator Doug Korneski said at a press conference on Saturday that around 250 FBI officers were involved in the investigation. He was “fairly confident” that the incident would be resolved and that the perpetrator would be found. “We just need time.” Korneski did not want to comment on possible suspects. However, he indicated that there was no evidence of multiple participants.

Police chief Drake praised the quick action of the officers. They immediately took the warning announcement seriously and began to clear the houses. “Instead of just taking it as a possible threat and calling in reinforcements first, they immediately started knocking on the front doors and coordinated the evacuation,” Drake said.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee called on the outgoing US President Donald Trump to declare a state of emergency in order to be able to provide federal funds quickly. Lee visited the explosion area on Saturday. The governor called for an examination of the partly historic buildings near the crime scene for their “structural integrity and safety”.

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