After just a few weeks: Trump permanently closes his blog

After just a few weeks: Trump permanently closes his blog

After just a few weeks

Trump stops his blog permanently

Trump will be banned from Twitter and Facebook at the beginning of the year. To reach his followers, he starts his own blog. But after just a month the website disappears again. The former US president seems to have new plans.

Former US President Donald Trump’s blog has been permanently discontinued. The website “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” had only been launched a month earlier. Trump then shared content for which he had previously used Facebook and Twitter. After the storm on the Capitol in January, social media services finally banned Trump’s account.

The blog “was just a supportive element of the broader effort we have and are working on,” Trump employee Jason Miller told CNBC. The site won’t return.

When asked on Twitter whether this could be a sign that Trump is joining another social media platform, Miller later responded with: “Yes, it actually is. Stay tuned!”

Trump had been very active on Twitter. After losing the presidential election, he kept claiming that Joe Biden’s election victory had been stolen from him. After his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, Trump was banned from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

The blog should be a new “communication platform”. Miller announced on Twitter at the time that the “Desk” page was “a great resource” for finding Trump’s latest statements. But it is not a new social media platform. In fact, according to NBC News, Trump couldn’t reach as many people through the blog as he did through the major social media services. Trump had more than 80 million subscribers on Twitter alone.

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