After severe criticism: Robert Habeck defends Ukraine statement

After severe criticism: Robert Habeck defends Ukraine statement

Green leader Robert Habeck has spoken out in favor of the delivery of defensive weapons to Ukraine. But there was criticism from all sides. Now he has made his statement more concrete.

The Greens chairman Robert Habeck defended his much-criticized statement on the delivery of defensive weapons to Ukraine and at the same time made it more precise. “Ukraine is not only fighting for itself here, it is also defending Europe’s security,” said the co-party leader on Deutschlandfunk on Wednesday after a visit to the front line.

“Ukraine is left alone”

And with regard to its conflict with Russia: “Ukraine feels left alone in terms of security policy, and it is left alone.” But he now spoke of “night vision devices, reconnaissance devices, ordnance disposal, medivacs”, ie technology for transporting and treating the injured.

The day before, Habeck had said to the broadcaster, “In my opinion, weapons for defense, self-defense, defensive weapons, can hardly be denied to Ukraine”. Politicians from the Union, the SPD and the Left strongly criticized Habeck for this. Individual Green MPs also distanced themselves from their party chairman.

No arms deliveries to other countries

Habeck said on Wednesday: “I was referring to the Ukraine, to the specific situation, to the annexation of Crimea, to the shooting, to the soldiers.” He does not advocate arms deliveries to other countries.

Habeck currently does not consider NATO membership for the Eastern European country to be advisable. “No, at the moment you can’t do that. NATO is not sorted. (…) That would also escalate the situation, Ukraine has to be patient.”

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