After storming the Capitol, police officers sue Donald Trump


Two police officers suffered mental and physical pain when the Capitol was attacked on January 6th. Now they are suing the alleged perpetrator of the revolt: Donald Trump.

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At the beginning of January, supporters of the then US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in the US capital Washington. According to media reports, two police officers have now filed a lawsuit against the ex-president. The officers, who belong to the Capitol Police and were injured in the incident on January 6th, blame Trump for the storming of the US parliamentary seat, as the broadcaster CNN reported on Tuesday (local time).

Because of the physical and psychological damage they have suffered, they are demanding at least $ 75,000 in compensation for pain and suffering. It is the first lawsuit by Capitol police officers against the former US president, it said.

Five people were killed in the Capitol storm, including a police officer. Trump had previously held a rally not far from the White House and spoke again of a stolen election victory. Hundreds of his supporters then moved to the Capitol, where Congressmen met to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory. Parliament’s security forces were unable to stop the attack.

Trump has “fueled, encouraged, incited”

In the lawsuit filed before a federal court in Washington, the two Capitol police officers allege, among other things, that Trump had “fueled, encouraged, incited and directed” the mob. The police officer Sidney Hemby was, among other things, pressed against the doors of the Capitol and sprayed with chemicals, the Washington Post also quoted from the complaint. The second police officer, James Blassingame, said he was thrown against a stone pillar and suffered injuries to his back and head.

The Democrats accused Trump of “inciting a riot” and initiated impeachment proceedings against him, which, however, ended in an acquittal. Trump himself has so far rejected any responsibility.

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