After the riot in Washington DC: Horn man arrested from the Capitol


After the riot in Washington DC
Horns man arrested from the Capitol

The pictures of a man with horns go around the world: With a bare torso and bizarre headdress, he stands out visually when storming the Capitol. Now the 33-year-old from Arizona is arrested. Other participants in the storm on the US parliament are now in custody.

When supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, one of the intruders caught the eye: pictures of the man with the headdress made of fur and horns, the painted face, the bare torso and the spear with the US flag in hand went around the world. On Saturday, the 33-year-old Jacob C. from Arizona was arrested, the prosecutor in Washington announced. Adam J. from Florida was picked up by the police on Friday – he is said to have stolen the lectern of the chairman of the House of Representatives in the Capitol.

A member of the West Virginia House of Representatives, Derrick E., was also arrested. Prosecutors said the three men were charged in federal court with illegally breaking into a specially secured building, as well as violent entry and improper behavior on the Capitol grounds. The 36-year-old Adam J. had to answer for allegations of theft of government property. A widely shared photo shows a man carrying Pelosi’s desk and waving at the camera.

Prosecutors said Derrick E., 35, posted a video of his intrusion into the Capitol live on his Facebook page. Jacob C. had bragged about the attack on parliament on NBC News. “The fact that a bunch of our traitors barricaded themselves in office, put on gas masks and withdrew to the underground bunker, I consider a victory,” he said. The documents published by the prosecutor show that C. himself called the FBI in Washington on Thursday and confirmed that he was the man with the horned headdress.

C. stated that he had come with a group from Arizona because Trump had called all “patriots” to Washington for Wednesday. The Justice Department had already reported the arrest of Richard B. from Arkansas on Friday. He is said to be the man who proudly had himself photographed in Pelosi’s armchair with one foot on the desk. In connection with Wednesday’s Capitol storm, allegations are pending in federal court against at least 14 other suspects. At least five people were killed in the attack on Parliament, including a police officer. Critics accuse Trump of fueling the mob at a rally shortly before the storming of the Capitol.

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