After wrong election prognosis: British reporter eats hat

After wrong election prognosis: British reporter eats hat

He had predicted a Conservative victory in two constituencies in regional elections in Great Britain – and was wrong. That’s why a journalist has now published a video in which he eats his hat.

A British reporter for the Financial Times kept his word after a false election forecast and ate parts of a hat. The newspaper’s chief political reporter, Jim Pickard, posted a video on Twitter on Friday showing him cutting up a black hat and eating parts of it.

The phrase “Then I’ll eat my hat” is used in both German and British when you are certain that something will not happen.

The conservative Tory party had suffered a surprising defeat in a by-election in the English constituency of Chesham and Amersham near London. The House of Commons mandate went to the Liberal Democrats – an outcome that Pickard stubbornly doubted on Twitter the day before: “I’m seeing a lot of speculation today, but I’ll eat my hat if the Liberal Democrats win here.”

The reporter was taught otherwise – and kept his promise by return mail. After three snippets of hat, however, Pickard had enough. There is one thing that is even worse than stupid tweets, he said at the end of his video: “Death by eating hats” .´

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