Agitation could lead to bloodshed

Agitation could lead to bloodshed

The political climate in Israel is extremely tense. The domestic secret service Schin Bet now fears an increase in violence – and has placed the designated head of government under protection.

In an unusual statement, Israel’s domestic secret service Shin Bet warned that political agitation in the country could lead to bloodshed. “Lately we have identified a reinforcement and serious radicalization of aggressive and inflammatory debates, especially in social networks,” said Schin-Bet boss Nadav Argaman on Saturday. These also contained calls for violence.

Certain groups or individuals could interpret this as legitimizing violent assault or even bloodshed, warned Argaman. He appealed to all those responsible to work immediately to calm the situation.

Incitement against the designated head of government

Schin Bet has been protecting the designated head of government Naftali Bennett from the ultra-right Jamina party since Thursday. The background to this is an increase in agitation against the 49-year-old politician in social networks and at demonstrations.

The outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had attacked Bennett sharply and accused him of the “fraud of the century” by joining the new coalition. According to media reports, followers of Netanyahu are exerting massive pressure to prevent the planned government of eight parties from all political camps from being sworn in. Demonstrators rallied at Bennett as a “traitor” and burned his portrait.

Memories of the murder of Izchak Rabin are awakened

The Israeli news website “ynet” wrote that the current incitement was strongly reminiscent of that before the murder of Prime Minister Izchak Rabin by a right-wing extremist Jewish fanatic in November 1995. The then opposition leader Netanyahu was at the time the spokesman for angry demonstrations in which opponents of Rabins were opposed Politics of reconciliation carried a coffin with his name on it and held up signs depicting Rabin in an SS uniform. Since then, Netanyahu has often been accused of having helped fuel the mood that ultimately made Rabin’s murder possible – and then inherited him as head of government.

Netanyahu’s son Jair spoke of a “disgrace” after Argaman’s communication. He accused the Israeli left of hating his father and family for two years. “And now they are trying to shut up the right and to denigrate any political criticism as” agitation “,” he wrote on Twitter.

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