Albert Siesta – about the potential duel between Povetkin and Usik: “I know that they have a very warm relationship. I don’t think that anyone will cross such a line.”

British promoter Albert Siesta has doubts that interim WBC heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin will fight mandatory WBO title challenger Alexander Usik. In his opinion, this fight is hindered by the friendly relations of the boxers and the political factor.

“Povetkin’s second victory over White will give him absolutely nothing, because these Furies, Mustache, Joshua, Joyces are all involved. Maybe a fight between Usik and Povetkin? Will such a fight take place for political reasons – I don’t know. I know, that Usik and Povetkin have a very warm relationship, and I don’t think anyone will cross such a line.

On the other hand, why not? Oh sport, you are the world. You are out of politics. Why not? Let’s see, time will tell. There is God’s will for everything, “said Albert Siesta in the next episode of the AlSiestaOnline program.

Recall that Siesta also shared his opinion about Povetkin’s rematch with Dillian White.

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