Alexander Gvozdik is confident that Top Rank will not allow Lomachenko to have a revenge with Lopez

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Former world champion Alexander Gvozdik assessed the prospects of his compatriot Vasily Lomachenko to regain the titles he lost in a duel with American Teofimo Lopez.

“I think he can. But here you need to figure it out. If from the point of view of Vasily’s physical capabilities, then I think he can regain the belts in light weight and win them in another weight category. But on the other hand, boxing politics interferes here. And now, for Top Rank, Lopez is a valuable asset.

I think that the best option for Vasya is to somehow achieve revenge with Lopez and win it, which, most likely, he will be able to do. But will he be allowed to do it? Honestly, I have some doubts. After all, Lopez is very valuable: he is young, he is shocking, he sells fights. Therefore, I will not be able to answer the question of how Vasily will be able to return the belts. Can he do it? One hundred percent! Will it work? I don’t know, “Gvozdyk said in an interview with Luckyрunchnet.

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