Alexander Povetkin named the reasons that led to two knockdowns in the first fight with White


Russian heavyweight contender Alexander Povetkin will try to correct the mistakes he made in the first fight with Dillian White.

Recall that the first duel between Povetkin and White took place in August 2020. Before knocking out the Briton in the fifth round, “Russian Vityaz” had to be knocked down twice.

“These are my mistakes. Dillian struck at the right time and did his job. I was too open, too direct. I hit the blow from below, not after defense, but right away. He was open and because of this he missed from the side. It is difficult to correct this mistake, but I will try to do it, “Povetkin said in an interview with Sport-Express.

“White is a powerful guy. A strong boxer. Of course, we analyzed, looked at what and how to do in the second fight. Firstly, you need to hold your hands, and secondly, you need to attack after a defensive action. Yes, we sorted out a lot of moments. I think in it will be better this time. “

Earlier, Povetkin called the weight with which he works during the bench press.

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