Alexander Usik admitted that he received a meager fee for the fight with Glovacki


Former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division, Alexander Usik, claims that for the first title fight, in which he defeated the Pole Krzysztof Glovacki by unanimous decision in 2016, his fee was only about 50 thousand dollars.

“My fortune is five million dollars? This is false information. Many journalists and people who voice our fees do not fully understand that this is not the final amount that the athlete receives. Taxes, deductions, costs, team, promoters and everything else. .. If an athlete is left with half of the fee, then this is just very cool. Sometimes there is not even half. Even some of my relatives think that I am very exorbitant in terms of money.

I’m not complaining, I’m fine with my earnings, thank God. I’m fine with money. When I became world champion in 2016, I won the belt in Gdansk in a fight with Krzysztof Glowacki. The final fee was $ 45,000. Some thought a million. I say yes”. And the press wrote about 300-400 thousand dollars. But I got 45 thousand dollars for that fight. No, 50 thousand. I probably also gave something out of this amount to those who helped me, “Alexander Usyk said in an interview with the Rumors Go YouTube channel.

We will remind, Usyk also named a Ukrainian boxer who can be compared with him and Lomachenko.

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