Alexander Usik explained why he took up CrossFit

Alexander Usik explained why he took up CrossFit

Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usyk said that he is now diligently engaged in CrossFit, because he really liked this type of training.

“I’ve tried many kinds of physical training. Weightlifting, totally different. Crossfit is the only thing that really pushes me physically, what I like. I really get a little fuzzy in my head, but I really like it. I feel great. because of this.

I think it’s not only about CrossFit, but also about the master. Because we need an approach, we are kind of guys. So, he (Valentin Litvinchuk – approx.) Has a great approach. I like working with him.

I am preparing for my fight, which will be coming soon. I feel great, I am in good physical condition. And as soon as there is an understanding of the date of the fight and who it will be, we will simply switch to our work, specifically for boxing. We are now doing the 20th or 21st week of CrossFit, but we also include boxing. And then we just take a week of rest and switch to boxing, “said Alexander Usik in an interview with the YouTube channel USYK17.

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