Alleged vacation pictures of Ted Cruz cause trouble


The US state of Texas is sinking in the snow, millions of people are sitting at home without electricity or running water. Despite this disaster, Senator Ted Cruz is said to have simply flown on vacation.

After the onset of winter in the southeastern United States, millions of people in Texas remain without electricity or running water. According to the authorities, around two million households were still cut off from the electricity supply on Thursday morning. Almost seven million households were warned to boil their water before drinking because of problems with the water supply.

Furore about Cruz photos on the net

The Texan Senator Ted Cruz caused a stir. Some Twitter users say the Republicans have been seen at the Houston airport and on the plane en route to Cancun. Should Cruz have flown on vacation during the time when its citizens are holding out in the snow without electricity, it would be a medium scandal.

The authenticity of the pictures cannot be confirmed yet, Cruz has not yet responded to the allegations.

In Houston, hundreds of thousands of residents hardly got any water from the tap due to a loss of pressure, around 260,000 residents of the state no longer had any running water.

The people suffer

The weather service warned of another winter storm in parts of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi with black ice and heavy snowfalls. According to media reports, more than 30 people have died as a result of the onset of winter, many of them in traffic accidents.

Former Texas Democratic presidential nominee Beto O’Rourke told MSNBC television that the state of his state was “worse than what you hear.” Many people have had no electricity and therefore no heating for days – “they suffer”. Many of these problems could have been avoided. “The energy capital of North America cannot provide the energy to provide people with heat and electricity. We are nearing classification as a failed state.”

Energy company Austin Energy published a list of “warm-up centers” in Austin schools for residents to take refuge in. The company said it was in the process of restoring power to some of the affected districts. However, there could be more blackouts.

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