Amazon unveils updates to its Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 smart displays

Amazon unveils updates to its Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 smart displays

Amazon has unveiled updates to its smart displays, the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5. One of the highlights of the update was the addition of new cameras, with the Echo Show 8 now featuring a 13MP image sensor similar to the one used in the Echo Show 10. The camera has a larger angle view up to 110 degrees, and now it can independently zoom and pan so that the subject is always in the center of the screen. To provide these capabilities, Amazon has installed a new eight-core processor in the Echo Show 8 that maintains the required performance. The Echo Show 8 will be available in two colors for $ 129.99. In Echo Show 8, the ability to determine whether a person has entered the range of the device is implemented, which will allow you to use this fact as a trigger to turn on or off various smart home devices. The Echo Show 5 has a camera resolution increased to only 2 MP and it will not be able to provide tracking capabilities similar to the older device, but its cost is significantly lower at $ 84.99. There will also be a version of the Echo Show 5 Kids with a fabric-covered backdrop with a bold print, which costs $ 10 more. The new products also implemented a security mode that allows you to view images from the device’s camera on the owner’s smartphone.


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