Ambassador: “Cruel scenes”: India now has 20 million corona cases

Ambassador: “Cruel scenes”: India now has 20 million corona cases

Ambassador: “Cruel Scenes”

India now has 20 million corona cases

The situation is not getting better: India is experiencing a violent second corona wave and its health system is completely overloaded. It is now the second country after the United States to cross the 20 million case threshold. For the 13th day in a row, the Ministry of Health reports more than 300,000 new positive tests.

The reports about the dramatic corona situation in India are not ending: Today, Tuesday, the country exceeded the mark of 20 million infections since the beginning of the pandemic. The Ministry of Health reported more than 357,000 new cases in one day, the 13th day in a row, more than 300,000 new cases. The number of deaths related to the virus rose by 3,449 to more than 222,000. The German ambassador to India, Walter Lindner, spoke of “cruel scenes” in the country.

“There are 20 or 30 hospitals and there are no beds everywhere. We don’t get any more beds, no one – no matter what privileges they have,” Lindner told Bayern 2 broadcaster. Despite numerous aid deliveries from several countries, there was still a lack of oxygen. “None of this can be fixed overnight, you have to bring in a lot of help.”

Given the dramatic scenes, India was forced to cancel an important cricket tournament that some world-class players were about to attend. Indian Premier League organizers said they did not want to jeopardize the safety of staff and players, including professionals from Australia, England and New Zealand. Previously, the tournament had been continued to the exclusion of the audience, which had led to severe criticism.

Deaths from lack of oxygen

India is currently experiencing a violent second corona wave. The health system is completely overloaded. There are repeated reports of deaths due to lack of oxygen in hospitals. Germany and other countries have meanwhile sent emergency aid to the country. On Saturday, 120 ventilators and medication arrived in New Delhi with a Bundeswehr machine, and an oxygen system will follow in the middle of the week.

The dramatic increase in the numbers is possibly due to the new virus variant B.1.617, among other things. Many countries, including Germany, have therefore imposed entry restrictions on the country with its 1.3 billion inhabitants.

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