American Pie star regrets turning down a role in How I Met Your Mother


Jason Biggs was offered the role of Ted Mosby, but then the actor was not ready to work on TV.

Recently, Jason Biggs became a guest on SiriusXM, where he said that he was originally offered the lead role in How I Met Your Mother, but he refused and in the end he regretted it very much.

“Yes, I was offered the role of Ted Mosby, but I refused. This is probably my biggest regret. Then I was at a different stage in my life, I thought: “Do I want to work on television?” Now it’s even unpleasant to say that. But I’m not sure if I was ready to choose this path then. Overall, though, I have nothing to regret, right? In general, I am very, very lucky. I’m still here, and that’s the main thing. But yes, if I had the opportunity to change something in the past, I would agree to this role. Absolutely, “Jason shared.

As a result, Josh Radnor became the performer of the role of Ted Mosby in the series, and Alison Hannigan, Jason Siegel, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders and Christine Milioti joined him.

In an interview, Biggs noted that he is still in touch with Hannigan, who starred with him in American Pie. The host asked how Alison felt about Biggs turning down the role in How I Met Your Mother. Jason replied, “We never brought this up. I don’t even know if she knows about it. Doesn’t seem to know. “

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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