Amy Schumer apologizes to Hilaria Baldwin after bodyshamer attack


The comic publication turned into an “act of hatred.”

American plus-size comedy actress Amy Schumer had to publicly apologize to Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin. A few days ago, Amy posted a comic post on her account, in which, instead of her own photo, she posted a picture of Hilaria in her underwear, where she is holding her fifth child in her arms and looks slim and fit. In the description, Schumer addressed subscribers as if she and her son Jin were depicted in the frame: “Gene and I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday.”

The post, which was initially taken as a joke, later attracted online “trolls”. They began to shame Hilaria, which forced Amy to remove the “hate speech” post. Alec Baldwin’s wife told the fans about what was happening in her own video on the Instagram page and asked them to stop exaggerating this story.

Amy Schumer apologizes to Hilaria Baldwin after bodyshamer attack

Amy Schumer, in the comments below the post, apologized for the whole story. To this Baldwin replied conciliatoryly that she did not take offense at the comedian at all: “You always make me laugh! You don’t need to apologize. You are not responsible for this act [бодишеймеров]».

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In the same publication, Hilaria told her haters that she is also a supporter of “body positive and inclusiveness”, but encouraged others to remember that this “rule applies to everyone.”

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Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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