Amy Winehouse’s mother asks fans to stop hating her

Amy Winehouse’s mother asks fans to stop hating her

Fans of the star are still sure that she could not live in peace because of her parents.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the famous British singer Amy Winehouse. She was only 27. Fans are still confident that the death of the star is connected with tight control from her parents.

Janice Winehouse, 66, asks her daughter’s fans to stop blaming her and her husband for Amy’s death. According to the woman, their family has never had a situation similar to the Britney Spears scandal.

“We all make mistakes sometimes, but we loved Amy madly. Please stop blaming me and Mitchell [отец Уайнхаус — Прим. ред.] in her death. We didn’t treat her like Britney’s father, ”she told the Daily Star.

“It seems to me that people have never seen what Amy really was. It still hurts me that we have lost her, ”added the mother of the star.

A documentary about Amy Winehouse is due out on the BBC this year. Its premiere is scheduled for 23 July. On this day, Amy was found dead, no prohibited substances were found in her blood.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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