“An animal slumbers in me”: Angelina Jolie extends her claws

“An animal slumbers in me”: Angelina Jolie extends her claws

“An animal slumbers in me”

Angelina Jolie extends her claws

Angelina Jolie is currently having a tough custody battle with her ex Brad Pitt. No wonder, after all, the “lion mama” comes out with her when it comes to her six children. Not the only private glimpse she gives now.

Angelina Jolie is not only a Hollywood star, but also the mother of six children – three births and three adopted. She spoke about the special relationship with her offspring in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper.

When it comes to her six children, Jolie doesn’t seem to be joking.

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“I’m very protective when it comes to my children,” the actress explains in the interview. “When my children were young, there were situations in which the lion mama came to the fore in me.” Suddenly she noticed: “I have an animal slumbering inside that wants to protect its young.”

When your own children are young, it’s more about protecting them physically, Jolie notes. Later, on the other hand, you suddenly start thinking about how they are mentally. “It then becomes more important who you surround yourself with and who could destabilize your life or throw it completely off course,” said the 45-year-old.

Stories with morality

Meanwhile, however, her children also took care of her in many situations. “They often remind me to have something to eat and say, ‘Mom, you haven’t eaten today. You should change that as soon as possible.‘”

She loves having her family around all the time, explains Jolie. The time with the children is the perfect balance. The family sit together on the floor and decorate coloring books or jump on the trampoline. In addition, she reads specially created stories to her children in the evening, the actress reveals. “I like to tell them stories that ultimately have a moral. In them you can find moments of inner calm that fill you with love and make you happy.”

No statements about Brad Pitt

Her failed relationship with Brad Pitt and the ongoing divorce proceedings were apparently not discussed in the “Bild” interview. It also concerns custody of the still minors Pax (17), Zahara (16), Shiloh (15), Vivienne and Knox (12 each). Maddox (19), the oldest child of the two, is said to be excluded from it.

In the future, the couple will probably share custody of their children equally. This is said to have been determined by a US court in a preliminary ruling at the end of May, as several US media had unanimously reported.

Pitt and Jolie had been dating since 2005 and were once considered a Hollywood dream couple. They got married in 2014. The two-part divorce process has been running since 2016, while the two have been officially divorced since 2019.

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