Anderson Silva: “YouTube Bloggers Show No Respect for Boxing”

Anderson Silva: “YouTube Bloggers Show No Respect for Boxing”

Former UFC middleweight champion (up to 84 kg), star Brazilian veteran Anderson Silva agreed with American Henry Sejudo, who said that the popularity of YouTube blogging fights is a consequence of the professional boxing crisis.

Silva himself admitted that, although he is known primarily as an MMA fighter, he spent many years studying this traditional sport.

“We see that YouTube bloggers don’t show the respect they deserve for boxing. It takes athletes years to conquer their place in the sun and go down in history.

I started boxing many years ago. I remember how I went to a football competition, which is why I was late for boxing. And my coach Vitor Ribeiro asked me if I was doing something else, after which he presented the equipment and began to teach me, ”the fighter said.

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