Andre Ward explains why Errol Spence is an awkward fighter

Andre Ward explains why Errol Spence is an awkward fighter

Former world champion in two weights and former leader of the pound-for-pound rating, American Andre Ward tried to analyze the upcoming welterweight fight Errol Spence (26-0-0, 21 KO) and Danny Garcia (36-2-0, 21 KO), which will take place on December 5th in Texas.

“As for the battle, it is difficult to predict something. What style will Danny bring? Plus, it’s unclear what Spence will look like. I don’t have any specific prediction, so I would rather behave like a fan.

Spence has a very uncomfortable style. People believe that the closer you are to your opponent, the more in danger you are. But that’s in theory. But if you understand how to work at medium distance, then you can be safe. Spence doesn’t get to such a distance where he could miss a hook and not see it. And he likes to be there. I don’t think he’ll change anything this time, ”Ward said.

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