Andrey Ryabinsky said when Povetkin will return to training

Andrey Ryabinsky said when Povetkin will return to training

If you believe Andrei Ryabinsky, then his ward, heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, will not resume the training process soon, since the Russian boxer will have a thorough medical examination with a bunch of tests and various studies.

“I am in touch with the doctors, but they do not give such predictions – how long the treatment will take. While they say that the situation is generally good now, if we can talk about the person who is in the hospital. Not so bad, just need to be treated. Plus I think that it won’t hurt him to have a rest now, it won’t hurt him to be alone now, apart from other people. All this is certainly not pleasant, but since it happened, we will find advantages in it.

For example, the doctor and I agreed that since he is in the clinic, then in addition to this, he will undergo a detailed medical examination there: he will pass a bunch of tests and undergo many studies. At the same time we will do some kind of maintenance. I think that all this is even good, let him rest, “Ryabinsky said in an interview published on the official Instagram account of his World of Boxing promotion company.

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