Angry supporters of Donald Trump want to block Walmart


A post on Twitter sparked a dispute in the United States. Apparently, a tweet from the Walmart company was accidentally sent, the fans of the elected president are now calling for a boycott.

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Angry supporters of US President Donald Trump want to boycott Walmart over a tweet from the retail giant. The background was a message from Republican Senator Josh Hawley on Twitter. In it, Hawley announced opposition to the formal reading of the January 6th presidential election results in Congress. The Democrat Joe Biden had won the vote against Trump. Walmart’s official Twitter account replied to Hawley’s message, “Go ahead. Get your two-hour debate,” adding “#Bad losers” as a catchphrase.

The tweet was probably accidental

Walmart deleted his answer a short time later and apologized: “The tweet was wrongly posted by a member of our social media team who wanted to publish this comment in his personal account,” the company said when asked by the German press agency. Senator Hawley, meanwhile, foamed and attacked Walmart for having “insulted 75 million Americans” – namely all Trump voters – and accused the company of using slave labor and paying low wages.

Meanwhile, the incident went viral on social networks. Especially supporters of the US president who seem to believe his baseless allegations of election fraud were angry. Numerous users insulted Walmart and called under the keyword “#boycottwalmart” to avoid doing business with the company.

Objections to plans at reading out

At a session in the US Congress on January 6, the results of the presidential election from the individual states will be officially counted and announced. Only then is it official who has won the election. There have long been plans among Trump’s Republicans in the House of Representatives to appeal the reading. According to the law, in order to force both chambers to deliberate on the election result, there must be objections from at least one deputy and one senator. With Hawley’s involvement, that requirement would be met. The action should only delay the reading of the election results.

Incumbent Trump has so far stubbornly refused to admit defeat. The Republican claims he was defrauded by massive fraud. Neither Trump nor his lawyers have provided any substantive evidence to support these claims. More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of courts, including the US Supreme Court.

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