“Anti-social idiots”: Christoph Waltz reckons with lateral thinkers


“Asoziale Vollidioten”
Christoph Waltz reckons with lateral thinkers

The corona crisis also hits actors like Christoph Waltz hard. After all, he has had almost nothing to do for about a year. But he still has nothing left for corona deniers, self-proclaimed lateral thinkers and complaining Hollywood colleagues, as he now makes unmistakably clear.

It’s a long interview that Christoph Waltz gave to the magazine “GQ”. It’s about his role in “James Bond”, about his staging of the opera “Fidelio” and the lucky actor he had as part of the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”. But it is also about the current Corona crisis and its effects – professionally and privately. And here the 64-year-old is talking himself into a rage.

Waltz initially made it clear that the pandemic had slowed him down professionally. In the past year, almost only ongoing productions were brought to an end. “They hardly started anything new, and cinema anyway, because everyone was afraid they wouldn’t be able to show the films. Unfortunately, that’s how it turned out,” he describes the situation in his industry. The otherwise busy Hollywood star also made “just a little film for BMW”.

“I have no need”

Waltz is well aware that he himself speaks from a privileged position. After all, he could choose whether to stay in Germany, Austria or his home in Los Angeles. “I can survive. I have no need. I actually only have inconveniences,” he explains and adds: “But I am thinking of the three people who live in three people in 50 square meters and lose their job. That is a different matter. For For me it is not existential as long as I am healthy. For many it is existential despite my health. “

Waltz, on the other hand, hardly dares to admit that he was able to gain positive sides from the time of the lockdown and that he used it to reflect, read and sort. “It wasn’t bad for me not to do anything. Why wasn’t it bad? Because I could afford it,” he explains. But: “If I then put myself in the shoes of someone who has lost his job and does not know where to get it from, who does not know whether he will work again at all because the company he works for may soon no longer be at all exists. So he should hear from me that I had time to reflect? No, I’d rather not say it at all. “

“Then don’t meet you!”

Shortly afterwards, the actor’s first settlement follows in the interview – in this case with some of his colleagues. He could no longer bear it, “what kind of sensitivities celebrities talk about, how bad the crisis is for them. They can no longer go to the restaurant or meet with friends. Yes, then you just don’t meet up!”, Waltz rumbles off.

The two-time Oscar winner does not expect the pandemic to end quickly. “The end will drag on for a year or two, and much of the real damage will only then be revealed. It will not be like that: Spring is here, we are vaccinated, hurray, we will start again,” he says with certainty . “And the bankruptcy wave is just coming. It will really be a catastrophe,” he paints a gloomy picture.

Like the lemmings

At the same time, he wants the crisis to have positive effects again at some point, although he makes no secret of his skepticism about it. “I imagine that the thought might prevail that the individual cannot do anything for himself and that the prosperity of the situation depends on all of us,” says Waltz, but then rebounds: “The thought has completely dissolved, although it did It’s not difficult to understand at all. When I look at the lemmings, how they all run to the cliff and think it’s a heroic deed, I hope that one day they’ll see the light. “

When asked that he is probably alluding to so-called “Corona deniers”, the native Austrian’s second statement follows: “These people who call themselves lateral thinkers think along the board that they have in front of their heads.”

“Just stupid”

And Waltz goes on to elaborate: “That is because they do not want to participate in the prosperity of the cause. It is because they believe that they gain an advantage for themselves if they dismantle what is obvious.” The comparison to “this insane President in the United States” is obvious. “When I hear you! ‘I won’t let my basic rights be restricted because of a cold virus.” Yes, if you feel that wearing a mask restricts your basic rights, then you have a problem in the thinking process. It’s not across the board. It’s just stupid, “says Waltz vom Leder.

Comparisons with other times of crisis such as the post-war period make no sense to him in this context. “At the moment we have everything we need available, and because of a destructive minority, what is keeping things going is suddenly being called into question,” explains the actor in the “GQ” conversation and again goes out: “Put them on Stupid mask on and stay two meters away from me. Nobody takes away your rights. Nobody. Well, the institutions are all there and in principle work, but are cornered by a group of anti-social idiots. ” It could hardly have been said more clearly.

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