Antonio Tarver: “Logan will feel like a fish out of water”

Antonio Tarver: “Logan will feel like a fish out of water”

Former world champion Antonio Tarver in an interview with FightHype pointed out that Logan Paul should not believe so much that his height and arm span will seriously help him.

“Logan hopes that his size will help him, but in reality he will feel like a fish without water. In the ring, a lot can happen even in a split second, so if you don’t have enough experience to adapt to such conditions, then you will remain in the span. I believe that as soon as he realizes that he cannot deliver his blow, that it is far from as easy as it might seem from the outside, he will return to reality.

Oh, well, he seems to be in good shape, he looks solid, but … this is an exhibition fight, and I can’t therefore fully predict what will happen in the ring, I can’t look at this as a real fight. Because when I analyze fights, I look at this one from a fighting point of view, but here the situation is different. But what I know is that Floyd is a champion and he will be the main star on the stage, so he will not allow anything to go wrong in the ring, he will control everything. “

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