Apparently Duterte’s daughter is now supposed to become president

Apparently Duterte’s daughter is now supposed to become president

His brutal fight against drug trafficking has cost thousands of lives. Now the Philippine President Duterte could try to bring a loyal successor into office.

The daughter of the controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants to inherit her father, according to his information. Sara Duterte-Carpio will apply for the presidential election next year, reported the broadcaster ABS-CBN, citing Duterte. The president’s daughter would thus initiate a U-turn, because so far she wants to stand for re-election as mayor of Davao. She has not yet commented on her ambitions for the highest state office.

The station cited a local journalist’s interview with Duterte, immediately after the latter surprisingly announced his withdrawal from politics. Accompanied by his closest ally and candidate for the office of Vice President, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, Duterte was asked about the candidates for next year’s election: “So is it clear Sara / Go?” The President replied, “It’s Sara / Go.”

Duterte himself is no longer allowed to run for office

A spokeswoman for the president could not initially confirm the candidacy of his daughter: “My knowledge extends to what local media have reported. I have no comment on it.” In the local broadcaster’s interview, Duterte was also asked when his daughter would announce her candidacy. “I really don’t know. I have no idea,” said the head of state. Candidates must register by October 8th. However, withdrawals and replacements are allowed until November 15th.

Duterte cannot run for president again in the May election because the constitution only allows a term of six years. However, experts suspect that Duterte would like to help a loyal successor into office, who will protect him from legal prosecution in his own country or by the International Criminal Court for his controversial radical fight against drug trafficking, in which thousands were killed.

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