Armed attacker shot in front of CIA headquarters

Armed attacker shot in front of CIA headquarters

A man tried to drive his car through the gates of the US secret service headquarters. When it became clear that he was also armed, the security forces reacted immediately.

Security officers shot an armed attacker in front of the CIA headquarters near the US capital Washington. This had tried on Monday afternoon to drive a car through the outermost gate of the intelligence center, as the US Federal Police announced to the FBI. The attacker was wounded and taken to a hospital.

The security forces negotiated with the perpetrator for several hours after the attempted intrusion into the CIA premises. According to the FBI, he “got out of his vehicle with a gun and was attacked by security officers.” A CIA spokesman had previously announced that the CIA headquarters or the employees were not affected, with the exception of the security forces.

The security precautions at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, United States, had been tightened in recent years.

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