Armie Hammer was suspected of murder, but the police dispelled these rumors


There were rumors about the connection of the actor with human remains found in California.

Accusations against Armie Hammer reached the point that the actor was suspected of involvement in the murder. The first suspicions were shared by two Instagram accounts that spread news and rumors about the stars: DeuxMoi and House of Effie. One of them is now closed, the second is deleted.

It all started with the fact that some tourists discovered the remains of a human body in the Valley of Miracles (California). At that moment, Armie was not far from there, and because of this coincidence, suspicions fell on him. Obviously, this is due to the recent scandal due to Hammer’s “strange” intimate preferences.

At the same time, the police denied the fact that the actor could be involved in the murder. Law enforcement officials said that Armie Hammer’s name did not even appear on the suspect list. “We have no plans to investigate his involvement in the case,” a police spokesman told The Sun.

We will remind, a few weeks ago, 34-year-old Hammer was at the center of a scandal over accusations of sexual abuse by his former partners. It all started with Armie’s leaked correspondence with women, in which the actor allegedly fantasizes about cannibalism, abuse and BDSM-style relationships. The authenticity of the messages in question has not yet been confirmed.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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